Building a solid foundation for a solid horse
Versatility, Consistency, Practicality, Effective, Clear & Concise
Patience is a crucial virtue, in both rider and horse
Respect & Trust, working hand in hand
You never fail, it is just another chance to succeed

Our Training Method

First thing first, we make sure that we have the horse’s full attention. We want to make sure that he turns into us and looks at us.  Only then can we start their training as they are showing us respect and the trust process is starting. 

Whether on the ground or under saddle, our training method was designed to be black and white for the horse and rider. That way each partner has an easy, enjoyable, and productive time.​

Our method focuses on specific points on the body to isolate and direct to create a basic maneuver. Once the horse and rider have understanding and relative ease with basic maneuvers, we continue moving forward to more advanced maneuvers by refinement of basics and combination of basic maneuvers to create the advanced maneuver.

We deeply believe that every horse should not be only used in the arena. Every horse that comes to our facility is worked outside of an arena for many aspects including but not limited to, moving cows on pasture, riding fence lines, other general ranch duties, and many miles of open pasture riding.

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The Importance of the Foundation

You will often hear us talking about the foundation that we instill into every horse that passes through our facility . Many wonder, many raise an eye brow, many say I don’t need all that fancy training, and yes it can be costly and can seem to be boring as we all just want to jump into our respective discipline.

We have seen it time after time, in many different discipline, where the horse is lost and confused, crumbles under pressure, bucks, rears, bolts and it seems that the simplest tasks become impossible. We’ve also been asked many times to finish a horse into a specific direction, just to have a horse in our hands that needs to be taken back to basics and fix the holes in their training so they can be ready to take on that discipline. Unfortunately, these aren’t quick fixes, they don’t happen in 30 days, and we refuse to rush a horse through just to please an owner. We want to make sure every horse will be safe for it’s owner/rider.

Skipping the foundation in horses is the same as telling kids in first grade that they now need to move to college/university and get on with their careers. We would all agree that this is a recipe for disaster as they don’t have the tools they need to be successful. It is the same with horses, we are asking them to start roping, race, cut, ranch, etc. without them fully knowing their body controls to be successful.

Once a proper foundation has been established, with a nice mix of respect and trust, taking on your discipline of choice is actually the easy step. Yes, it can seem expensive and useless for some, but all “that fancy training” is safety first and foremost. In the end, having a proper foundation instilled in your horse will actually be the cheapest and greatest investment that you will put in your horse.

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